Back to Country - Series: Country Love #4 - By Vicki Green

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Success is hard work, Finding the right woman is even harder.

Nash Harris comes from a good family and wealth. His pa had one of the best horse breeding ranches in Texas. After Pa died, Nash felt there were too many memories there for him to stay.

 He sold the ranch and moved to Montana, finding the perfect place to start over. He made friends quickly but there’s one woman who catches his eye that won’t give him the time of day. He may just have to up his game.

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Tina Brogdon. She’s your typical overzealous girl, yet beneath it all she’s shy around guys. After moving to Montana to follow her bestie, she finds her new hometown a wonderful place to begin her young life. Tina has met a few hot and sexy men here and even in the next town over but none of them give her the ‘spark’ she’s looking for. Then a fiery redhead arrives and her panties go up in flames. Her non filter is normal but now she’s a bumbling idiot whenever he is near.

**Back To Country is book 4 in the Country Love Series and can be read as a standalone
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Addicted 2 Romance Review:

**I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.***

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This is #4 in this series but its the first book I have read by the author. It can stand alone and it did for me. A little back history is given on the side characters in th story and I am tempted to read them as all the previous book in this series are Kindle Unlimited books.

This story is about Nash and Tina. They both have known each other quite awhile and have formed a family/friend relationship with their friends. Tina came to town because her friend Sadie moved here. Her and Sadie both come from money but Tina now owns a bakery with Sadie and she lives above the bakery. Her parents never loved her and so she left home for this new country life.

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Nash also moved when his father died. He was trying to escape an e who was after his money and his memories and he found a new ranch, brought his men with him and he also formed good relationships with the same men and women that Sadie and Tina are friends with. He also has a HUGE crush on Tina but she won't look at him and she gets so shy and nervous around him.

The story gets started at the hospital where friends are having a baby. Thats where Nash finally asks his friend Prie who is also friends with Tina if he should ask Tina out and if she will go out with him. Tina, when asked pretty much says yes but I have to find time.

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Though their takes a very long time to happen as things get wild for Nash,they do spend time together. Not always alone time but time. And thats when Nash and Tina get so cute and sweet together.

This is not a erotic story. There are sex scenes but they are very fast and subtle. It is a pure relationship story and its more of an insta-love situation than a long relationship. But it is sweet and I really enjoyed both Nash and Tina.

They do have several conflicts like exes, time/work, and Tina's lack of confidence in herself. But I really enjoyed it and want to read the other books in the series.

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She’s a fireball. Her mouth has no filter, but then she changes quickly and is shy every time I’m near her. I love that I make her feel that way. Love the way a soft blush covers her cheeks any time I smile at her. Love that she finds it hard to form a coherent sentence when she talks to me.

“He’s just a guy, Tina! Just a person – who is hotter than shit, built like a freaking wall, and has killer green eyes that melt my panties every time he looks at me!”

“All I know is – I love you. I know what I feel, darlin’. You’re in my every wakin’ thought. And when I close my eyes, you’re right there. When I hold you while you sleep, my life is complete, my heart is full. And when you’re not, I ‘bout go crazy until you’re in my arms again. We may not know each other completely but how will we learn about each other if we’re not together?” Wetness forms in her eyes. “When you sleep, I know you drool a little, right in the corner of your mouth.” She purses her lips, tryin’ not to laugh. “I know that when you laugh really hard you let out the most fuckin’ adorable snort.” She closes her eyes. A tear slowly rolls down her cheek. I hold her hand tighter. “I know your eyes change from a beautiful shade of green to a gorgeous shade of blue dependin’ on what you’re wearin’ and your face scrunches up when you’re confused. I love everythin’ about you.”

About the Author:

Best selling Author of Romance and Romance Suspense, Vicki lives in Kansas with her husband and two boys as well as their 3 dogs that rule their house. She loves spending time with her family and furbabies as well as reading. Look for more exciting romance adventures in the future.


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