A Cowboy for Mary - Hearts of Gold #3 - by Lizabeth Scott

From author, Lizabeth Scott comes the long waited for third and final book in the contemporary romantic comedy series, Hearts of Gold.

Rose married the man of her dreams, Sheik Rashid, after a rocky start with a totally unexpected "special arrival." 

Annie found her soulmate in the brilliantly talented music star, Carter Ryan.

Finally, it’s Mary’s turn! 

Mary is known as the determined and single-minded sister who always had her sights set on a career in New York City. That’s how her family knew her. That’s what they expected. Funny thing about expectations…

Never in her life had Mary Gold met such a perplexing and utterly mouthwatering man. 

Stranded in the blazing hot sun of Able, Texas, the swoon-worthy cowboy rode up on his golden steed and rescued her from becoming a puddle on the deserted road. The man of her dreams then turned into an insulting jerk at any and every opportunity! If her very existence irritated him, why did he keep coming around? And why did her day seem a little brighter when he did?

Ethan knew her type all too well–high maintenance and with an agenda that would end up costing him dearly. Been there, done that, and had the scars of betrayal to prove it.

His little daffodil represented everything he detested yet he found her gorgeous and adorable and she smelled as good as all those silly flower names he called her. He should have dropped her off in town and never looked back, but he couldn’t seem to stay away.

No matter how hard he tried, avoiding her wasn't working. There was only one thing to do; send her back where she came from, and take temptation far, far away! So, why did he turn in the opposite direction and take her back to his place?

The fly in the ointment ... appearances can be deceiving.



GOODREADS LINK: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/34201619-a-cowboy-for-mary 


Addicted 2 Romance Review:

* I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.*

This is my first book by this author and I found her writing very smooth and things moved along nicely. The story is about sister, Mary and is #3 in the series. Being that it was the 3rd I felt it stands alone very nicely since I have not read book 1 or 2 . 

I really enjoyed the story and characters. The first part of the book was different than what I expected. Ethan is a bilionnaire lawyer pretending to be a cowboy when he meets Mary in Texas.

It is hate and love all at once at least on his side. He has just been used and cheated on by his live in girl friend who was only with him for money. He goes home to Texas where he runs into Mary. Mary whose car stalled in Texas, where she is on a business trip and who then thought "oh I will just walk to the next town." So when she collapses and is injured from the trek in front on Ethan, he pegs her as a rich, stuck up brat and while he takes care of her, he also treats her terribly and lusts after her all the same time.

Mary hates Ethan because of how he treats her, yet she lusts after him, while thinking he has a different woman every day. They both have big preconceived notions of the other and are not 100% honest with each other about who they really are.

This story is about looking beneath the image people throw up and to see inside the person and that sometimes what we think we need, is not always what makes us the happiest. I really enjoyed getting to know Ethan and Mary. They really ended up having this very beautiful relationship and I really loved their story.

About the Author

Who is Lizabeth Scott? A voracious reader and a full-time writer for about 4 months!  Liz is a wife and mother of two grown children and the proud grandma of the sweetest little baby ever. She is the personal assistant to a terrier terror named Moxie who she occasionally takes to the drive-through for a burger. Liz is a Carolina girl who loves sand between her toes as frequently as possible. At the prompting of a friend Liz began living her dream of writing in 2013 and is now the author of The Royal Vow Series, The Hearts of Gold Series, The Dirty Ankle Series and The Love Kissed Series. 

Liz loves to connect with readers and invites you to join her on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PINTEREST, and INSTAGRAM. Be the first to hear about updates and get your hands on free bonus chapters by joining Liz’s NEWSLETTER. Be sure to stop by her WEBSITE and browse through all her books.


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