Say It Again - Say It #1 - By S. Moose

People always leave. 

After graduating from college, Cameron Pratt’s spending the summer with her best friend, Grace Shea. There’s only one problem. Her brother, Jacob, will be there too.

Jacob Shea. Only one word describes him. Douchebag. 

His touch doesn’t make her body tremble.

His eyes don’t see her heart.

He’s nothing to her and she wants nothing to do with him. 

When Jacob finds out Cameron’s in town, he’s doing everything he can to win back her trust and make her see how good they’ll be together. 

Will Jacob be able to open Cameron’s eyes, or will the walls around her heart be too high and unbreakable?


Addicted 2 Romance Review:

*I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.*

This is my first book by this author and I mostly enjoyed it. Cameron has just graduated college and she decides to visit and stay the summer with her best college friend Grace. Grace has a brother, Jacob and not knowing who he was, Cam met him and had a one night stand with him and gave him her virginity. Then he took off. Thats when Grace and Cam find out he was her brother.

Meanwhile Jacob actually fell hard for Cam during that one night.However that night things also changed and now he has BIG secret. The story really hinges on this big secret and so its tough to review this book without spilling the big secret.

Did I like the big secret? YES!! It really made this book. I felt it enriched the story and to some degree it explains why Jacob never runs back and tries to explain to Cam what happened. The truth is while she was in college, and Jacob wasn't they were at very different points in his life and so he did Cam a favor by staying away.

Now that Cam is a college graduate, he works hard to get her back and I loved how there he was for her. Now they are in a better place for her to handle the secret and for them to build a stronger relationship. I really enjoyed most of the story.

At a point the big misunderstanding occurs and to me the whole thing was very immature. Very high school. But while I hated that part of the story, I felt it made sense with who Cam is. One of the biggest things that affected her, was her parents died, leaving her with no family. So in some ways she feels everyone leaves and no one loves her. And so when she thinks Cam is like that, its hard for her to see its all in her own mind. And yes she is young and immature. In addition she has no parents, so she really has no parent making her see sense and helping her to grow up.

As to the big secret, I liked that aspect of the the story but I felt it did not make sense with the type of relationship Cam had with Grace. That Cam had no idea at all, was very strange to me especially for their close relationship. It was something that 100% affected Grace and so that she did not share it ever, well it made me doubt how close Grace and Cam were.

All in all I really enjoyed this story. I would totally read again and recommend it as a really sweet, romantic read about a 2nd chance at love and in the young adult genre.

About the Author

S. Moose is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of new adult romance. She writes emotional and romantic stories that will make you swoon, cry, yell, laugh, and love.

She is living her own happily ever after with a man who loves her with his whole heart. She is a proud mother to their beautiful son, and adorable puppy. 

When she is not writing you can find her hanging out with her family, and friends, getting lost in romantic books, and indulging on Starbuck lattes. 

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