Riled Up - With A Kiss #2 By Anie Michaels

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Being with Camden was everything Riley ever wanted… and so much more. More stress, more money, more family, more obstacles, but also more love. Oh, and more sex. That too. No one had ever made Riley feel so needed, and perhaps that was the problem. Now facing a new job, new responsibilities, and a new life with her fiancé, Riley quickly begins to feel overwhelmed. The only thing she isn’t unsure of is her love for Camden. But love can only take her so far.

Camden wants to make everything easy for Riley. He wants to fix all her problems, take away all her stress, make life easy for her, and give her all the orgasms, but he’s quickly realizing that Riley’s biggest issues—the ones that make her doubt herself—can’t be fixed by anyone but her. That doesn’t stop him from trying. She’s an independent woman, but that doesn’t mean he can’t spoil her every now and then.

Riley’s going to have to accept that Camden loves making her life easier, and Camden’s going to have to realize that she only gives in because she loves him. But when the past comes back to disrupt Riley’s future, Camden will have no choice but to let his fierce partner and fiancée handle her shit.

Will Riley be able to let the past go? Will Camden’s need to take care of Riley push her too far?  Will their love for each other be enough?     




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 Addicted 2 Romance Review

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

Have you read the first book in this series, Kiss Cam? Well if you have not, be sure and run out and read it. It was fantastic. It was full of a sweet, romance  between two people who were meant to be and when it ended I thought that was it and I had to wait for the besties to find love. But no, the author wrote Riled Up as a part two and it starts 3 months after the events in the first book.

Can this book stand alone? probably though the first book is so terrific, I really suggest you read it first or you are missing some of the magic of that story. In Kiss Cam, Camden and Riley meet, fall in love and face obstacles, namely Cam's obstacles like his wealthy parents and his snooty ex girlfriend and Riley's insecurities. They get thru it beautifully because they communicate so well and at the end of Kiss Cam they plan to move in together and they get engaged.

In Riled Up, they are engaged and very happy. Riley still works for the same company and they still have their own apartments. But Camden wants a place for him and Riley and so they start house shopping. All the changes in Riley's life give her a lot of stress. And then her boss asks her to work on a very important wedding in Arizona, where Riley grew up and that tosses her past in her face.

So in this book Riley is facing a coming wedding, a new job and new home and she also is having to face her past. This book is really her story. Camden is loving her and very supportive and he is the perfect fiancee in this story and he really understands Riley. So he also knows what she needs before she does and he wants to make her dreams come true.

This story was so sweet and really a gift. It really explores Riley and makes her face her past and we get to meet her mother and see how far she really has come. We also get to meet her baby brother and Rachel, Jasper, Meg and the mayor are back for some hijinks and I totally loved it.

It is well written, has humor and lots and lots of romance Camden style, which I beyond loved. Riley is one lucky woman and now I really cannot wait for the besties romance.

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