Crazy for the Boss - A Crazy in Love Series #1 - by Ashlee Mallory


Screw-up. Black sheep. Aimless playboy.

 For most of his life, James Thornhill accepted that his family would never see him as anything but a failure. But as the new CEO of Thornhill Management, he’s been given another chance to set things right. First order of business?

Settling a nuisance lawsuit and bringing the pesky but dedicated employment attorney on board as part of his team. Second order of business? Resisting the prim but fiery new employee who has somehow become utterly indispensable in his life. Ice Queen. Good girl. Uptight do-gooder. Quinn Taylor has grown up always doing what was right and, since graduating from law school, likens herself to a modern-day David taking on the Goliaths of the world.

Goliaths such as the CEO of Thornhill Management. Playing babysitter and muse to the overindulged CEO was not what she had in mind, but with mounting debt making even a cup of coffee a luxury, Quinn’s ready to swallow her pride and get in bed with the devil. Something that, the more time she spends with the man, becomes increasingly enticing.

But the stakes are too high for either of them to risk an inner-office fling…until an unexpected trip to Quinn’s hometown brings a long-denied simmering attraction to a boil. They’ll have to decide what they’re willing to risk and how far they’re willing to fall if love doesn’t conquer all.


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Addicted 2 Romance Review

**ARC provided by Give Me Books for an honest review***

Wow I totally loved this book. I am a huge fan of the author's and previously read her Sorenson Family series. This is a brand new series for her featuring three BFF/roomies, Anna, Tessa and Quinn who live and work in San Franscico.

This story features Quinn, an up and coming employment/labor lawyer who has a big interest in helping employees with PTSD/depressions and other employee/manager issues. She meets the hero, James at a coffee station and then at a meeting where she is heading a lawsuit about one of his fired employees. She does such a great job that James offers her a job as an employment lawyer at his company and truly that's when the fun begins.

I loved how close the three friends are and how they celebrate each other and challenge each other. I also loved how James and Quinn end up as really good friends as well as boss/employee. The first part of book includes flirty James and Quinn being a very busy employee before any romance really gets going and I really liked that they become so close to each other as friends first.

This book was so fun. I loved Quinn and their many adventures together, especially when he ends up back in Minnesota visiting her family. Those scenes were so fun and funny and I loved every second.

I have read the authors other series and this story was a gazillion times more fun and I loved every second of this story.

I do want to warn you James and Quinn only kiss at 70% the first time and they have sex a few scenes after. This book is more story and character drive and so there is not tons of sex scenes in the story. I was thoroughly entertained and really fell hard for the characters in the story.

Some stuff happens in the story and at one point Quinn ends up quitting. I actually did not agree with why she quit. I thought she was a little too hard headed about what happened, sometimes we have to compromise in the business world and can't have everything all at once. The ending was great and I loved it but I felt James was 100% right in the decision he made in relation to his company.


Before Quinn could nod her agreement, she finally spotted James standing about ten feet away from them, grinning at her in that confident, sexy way that left her head spinning.
He looked good. Sinfully good, as he well knew. 
Even here in the middle of nowhere, he’d managed to get his hands on a light gray suit that seemed to be made for those broad shoulders and a crisp white shirt that opened enough to give her a tantalizing glimpse of his warm, tanned skin. Combined with his loafers, he was the debonair playboy CEO that she’d been trying not to think salacious thoughts about for months. 
Except for the beard. Which, for some reason, having just felt it caressing her skin hours before, made James almost feel more like…hers. 
James pushed his hands in his pockets and sauntered over. 
“I’ll go check on the DJ while you…,” Sabrina trailed off when he approached and she smiled slyly. “Actually, James, I’m trusting you will make sure that my sister chills for a little while? Maybe even has a good time?”
“I’ll do my best.” 
Only he hadn’t taken his eyes off her, and she was finding that if he didn’t stop staring at her like he was undressing her with his eyes, she was probably going to melt into the floor at his feet.
With a last smile and a pat on the back, Sabrina was off, leaving Quinn trying to remember what it meant to form coherent speech.
She turned slightly to see that James was staring at her again, only his smile had slipped off his face, and he was staring at her with an almost naked need. 
She licked her lips, her throat suddenly dry. 
And she tried to remember all the reasons why anything more than a professional relationship with James Thornhill was impossible. 
When right now, it seemed more than just possible. 
It seemed inevitable.

About TheAuthor

Ashlee Mallory is a USA Today Bestselling author of Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, and Thrillers. A recovering attorney, she currently resides in Utah with her husband and two kids. She aspires to one day include running, hiking and traveling to exotic destinations in her list of things she enjoys, but currently settles for enjoying a good book and a glass of wine from the comfort of her couch.
Ashlee loves to hear from readers. You can find her at any of the following links, so please feel free to drop her a line, or you can subscribe to her email list and keep updated with any news of upcoming releases, sales, and giveaways by clicking here:




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