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Show Me Yours by Sasha Burke

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About the Book

The woman’s killing me.

I’m not the kind of man who would normally even consider blurring the lines between landlord and tenant or boss and employee, but Summer is a walking temptation. Neurotic and obsessive-as-hell when it comes to work details, sure, but a damn cute-without-knowing-it temptation nevertheless.

She’s been a good tenant and an even better worker. Plus, she doesn’t simper or throw herself at me like a lot of women who find out my net worth. I’ve grown...fond of her, oddly enough.

But if she drags my ass out of bed in the middle of the night to talk about work one more time…

* * *

The man’s a saint.

Not only did Jason hire me for the greatest project I’ve ever run point on, but he also let me move into an amazing loft in his building as an extravagant job-relocation perk. Sure, he can be a grouch when I accidentally wake him up to go over the project, but he’s still a saint nevertheless.

He’s been a fantastic boss and a surprisingly protective landlord. But…when did his shoulders get that wide? And why is that growling voice of his making me all weak in the knees lately?

And is it still considered morning wood if it happens in the middle of the night…or something more?

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Addicted 2 Romance Review

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book

This is my first book that I read from this author so I was not sure what I expected. This book is beyond HOT, more in line with scorching. If you don't like lots of sex scenes or you don't like books light on plot but heavy on sex, then DO NOT READ THIS BOOK.

But if you like scorching hot sex scenes, tons of sex scenes and a light plot then you will love this story. It is heavy on sex scenes and it does sorta have a plot just the plot is very light. 

This is the story told in dual POV  between the millionaire boss, Jason and his construction foreman and nieghbor, Summer. Summer has a very bad case of insomnia and so she drives Jason a little bonkers but in the best way. She also drives him crazy with lust and her sexyoutfits.

What Jason does not know is that he drives Summer crazy with lust as well. And she never thinks she has a shot with him because none of the guys she has ever dated thinks she is that great. So when Jason shows her he likes her, it takes awhile for her to believe it. 

This is extremely LIGHT reading. The plot is very vague, its just 80% sex scenes and 20% the story of where Jason works with Summer and the complications of a boss/employee relationship.



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About the Author

Sasha Burke has been reading romances ever since she discovered her local library would let her borrow whatever kind of books she wanted…probably far younger than she should’ve started.

Possessive and protective alpha heroes have long been Sasha’s biggest weakness. Reading and writing about them, especially when there’s a feisty heroine involved, has resulted in her staying up many a night over the years.

You’ll usually find Sasha out and about spoiling her many dogs, or trying to perfect the world’s greatest mac & cheese recipe (and tirelessly taste-testing practice runs in that pursuit), or hosting outdoor fajita nights for her friends as often as she can.

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Hard Lessons by Charlotte West

About the Book

Down-on-her-luck teacher, Daisy Clemmens, is about to learn some hard lessons. (Not like that, you perv.)

Lesson One
No matter how broke you are, never agree to a job that includes a rabid eight-year-old, requires a tetanus shot or where your boss is a sexy (and cranky) rock ‘n’ roll god.

Lesson Two
Do not, do not start to have tender, gooey feelings for the sexy commitment-phobe rock ‘n’ roll god. You'll only get hurt.

Lesson Three
Okay so you've slept with the sexy rock ‘n’ roll god. But it's not too late. Just whatever you do, don't fall in love. Whoops. Too late.

Lesson Four
Never love someone, even if they are a sexy rock ‘n’ roll god, more than yourself.



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Addicted 2 Romance Review

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

This is my second book by this author. I read the first book in the series GOOD LIES before this book as it was free in Kindle Unlimited. I would suggest you read this book first as it is about the heroine in the first books younger years and dad and nannies romance.

Daisy is a down on her luck new college graduate and this book shows you the first two years on the road with the rock star Billy Wanks and his 8 year old daughter, Addie. It is sweet and romantic and super funny. It is also 100% in Daisy's voice. We don't hear anything from Billy and I really wanted to hear Billy's thoughts in some of the scenes.

That said I LOVED this story. Billy is a total laugh riot and Daisy is his perfect partner and Addie is super adorable. And the band are total sweet hearts. This book easily stands alone but if you want more Billy and Daisy and Addie I highly suggest after this book that you read Good Lies.

I do want to mention there are lots of sex scenes in this story though they are in the later part of the book. During the time Daisy is with Billy he only seems to have sex with one other woman but its at  stage that Daisy is not into Billy and so she is not jealous. However, Disy does date others and I loved how jealous Billy got about her. There is no drugs at all in this story and I really loved that about this rocker romance.

About the Author

Charlotte West writes romance about strong heroines and the sexy alpha males who love them. She lives in Washington state with her husband and very large dog (think miniature pony size). She spends way too much money on books, and way too much time reading. When she’s not reading, she’s feeding her reality television addiction, eating chocolate, or traveling. She's been known to eat her weight in Girl Scout cookies.

She has a degree in Science and a Master's in Education, neither of which she is currently using but is still paying for. Occasionally, she moonlights as a YA author.

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Hollywood Scandal by Louise Bay

About the Book


One of Hollywood’s A-listers, I have the movie industry in the palm of my hand. But if I’m going to stay at the top, my playboy image needs an overhaul. No more tabloid headlines. No more parties. And absolutely no more one night stands.

Filming for my latest blockbuster takes place on the coast of Maine and I’m determined to stay out of trouble. But trouble finds me when I run into Lana Kelly.

She doesn’t recognize me, she’s never heard of Matt Easton and my million dollar smile doesn’t work on her.

Ego shredded, I know I should keep my distance, but when I realize she’s my neighbor I know I’m toast. There’s no way I can resist temptation when it’s ten yards away.

She has a mouth designed for pleasure and legs that will wrap perfectly around my waist.

She’s movie star beautiful and her body is made to be mine.

Getting Lana Kelly into my bed is harder than I’m used to. She’s not interested in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, but I’m determined to convince her the best place in the world is on the red carpet, holding my hand.

I could have any woman in the world, but all I want is the girl next door.

A sexy, standalone romance.


Matt Easton
“You have a boyfriend?”
She took another sip of wine and set it back on the table before she replied. “You’ve half asked that before.”
I chuckled. True. Not that I was going to act differently if she told me—either way I needed to keep my distance. I just wanted to meet the man who had managed to land this woman. “And I’m still coming up empty.” I glanced at the rise and fall of her creamy breasts, only barely covered by her camisole, and swallowed. Hard. I really should leave.
“See that?” she asked, pointing up over the ocean. “Lightning. And again.”
“Wow, that nearly cut the sky in half.”
Our eyes locked first in excited, shared understanding and then the connection transformed into something that had nothing to do with the lightning. She looked away first. I would have stayed, my eyes fixed on hers the whole night, if she hadn’t. “The air feels charged with something.”
“I don’t have a boyfriend,” she whispered.
It was an invitation, and not one I wanted to turn down. I wanted to touch her, see if her lips were as soft as they looked.
“I want to kiss you,” I said, shifting so that she, and not the storm, had all my attention.
The thunder rumbled again.
Despite the noise surrounding us, I could only focus on the sound of her breathing. My pulse jumped under my skin, at my neck, in my wrists, in my dick.
I really shouldn’t be doing this.
But it was just a kiss.
And she was so beautiful.
And then it would be over.
I slid my thumb over her bottom lip. “Look at me,” I said.
My gaze flickered down as her breasts rose with her breath. It took every ounce of control not to yank her cami down and put my mouth on that warm, soft, pliant flesh.
As I looked at her, our eyes locked, and this time heat passed back and forth between us, growing more scorching with each passing moment.
She wanted me to kiss her. Maybe even strip her naked on this deck and fuck her hard and long until I knew every part of her.
I groaned, blood rushing to my dick, and leaned in to press my lips softly on the corner of her mouth. Her breath was hot and heavy against my cheek. I dropped my hand to her ass and slid her onto my lap.
Wrapping my hands around her silky hair that smelled of the ocean, I pulled, tilting her head back and exposing her neck.
I’d been kidding myself to think this was just a kiss. I wasn’t sure if it was because it had been so long since I’d fucked someone new or whether it was the storm or just the way Lana looked at me, but my whole body reverberated with lust. I wanted to touch, hold, possess her.
I trailed my teeth along her jaw and she squirmed in my lap. I slid my palms up her thighs and lifted her so she was straddling me.
Just a kiss. Right.
I wanted her closer, so I wrapped my hand around the back of her neck and brought her mouth to mine in a fractured, desperate connection. With my other hand, I pushed her ass against me. The heat of her covered pussy against my erection made me groan. Sliding my tongue against the seam of her lips, I delved deeper. Fuck, I’d forgotten how hot making out could be. The stuff before the fucking. Before my reform, it had been all about release. All about seeing how fast I could have a woman’s mouth wrapped around my cock after making eye contact with her.
But not now. Not out here on the porch with Lana. All I could think about was how I couldn’t fuck her, how I’d never make it that far.
She smelled so damn good. Tasted even better.


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Addicted 2 Romance Review

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

For me this author is sometimes wonderful and sometimes okay, but this book is beyond great. It has lotsa sex and it is beyond hot but it also has a really good story, characters and is deeper than alot of her other stories.

The primary star of this book is Lana. Lana is a very talented jewelry designer who lives in her small town of Worthington near Portland, Maine. She ran home after college because of something that happened there. I am not spoiling what happened but it really soured her on big cities and everyone knowing her business. Which is why she is happy to run her small business from her small town.

Her and her bestie, Ruby, own a neighbors cottage and they rent it out. This story is about what happens when the hottest Hollywood guy Matt Easton moves in next door. Matt is not perfect. He ran a little wild and so his publicist put him in a fake relationship with another actress. In this story that is ending soon and when he meets Lana he wants to explore her instead of getting a new fake girlfriend.

Lana does not recognise Matt and so its fun at first but when she finds out who he is well the road is very rocky. Especially since Lana wants nothing but to be anonymous. Having her picture taken is her worst nightmare and this story is really about her deciding to fight for what she wants, namely Matt and facing down her fears so she can design jewelry on a bigger scale than she has.

It is sweet, romantic and a lot of fun. Matt is very swoony and the perfect guy for Lana. Lana has to grow up and learn to face things so she can move on in life. And Matt has to learn how to go after what he wants and tell everyone just what it is that he wants. This was a really wonderful story and I loved every second.

About the Author:

USA Today bestselling author, Louise Bay writes sexy, contemporary romance novels - the kind she likes to read. Her books include the novels Faithful and Hopeful and the novella series' The Empire State Series, What the Lightning Sees and Calling Me. The novels and together the series are stand-alone although there are some overlapping characters.

Ruined by romantic mini-series of the eighties, Louise loves all things romantic. There's not enough of it in real life so she disappears into the fictional worlds in books and films.

Louise loves the rain, the West Wing, London, days when she doesn't have to wear make-up, being on her own, being with friends, elephants and champagne.

She loves to hear from readers so get in touch!

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Sacked by Jami Davenport


He's loved Tiff since high school--but tragedy has blockaded her heart.

Tyee University football player Riley Black has adored Tiff since high school, but she's never felt the same way. As Riley enters his junior year of college, he's finally moving on and enjoying the perks of being a star athlete. Until one glimpse of Tiff unearths all those old feelings of longing and desire, not to mention the trauma of their shared past.

Tiffani Vernon has been running from her demons for seven years. When she's forced to return to Seattle for financial reasons and attend the same college as Riley, she's confronted with the traumatic event which has shaped her future and scarred her memories of Riley. Tiff struggles to avoid her secret high school crush, but he's not having any of it. He's pursuing her with a relentless determination to prove once and for all, they were meant to be together.

Can love finally heal their wounds or will they succumb to the pain and forever wonder what could have been?

Addicted 2 Romance Review

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

This story is the first in a new series about a football team at the local Seattle college. It also brings back Avery, Isaac, Coop and Izzy as the male lead in this story is Riley, Coops nephew and also brings back Tiff who was once close with Riley and Avery.

I am a newer fan of the author so I have not read the Coop and Izzy book where a lot is referenced in this story. Was I lost? Nope not even a little, everything is explained very well. For those who read that book you know what happened and for those that didn't it was a tale of young love gone very wrong.

In this story the two main characters, Tiff and Riley are 21, where the incident happened 4 years before. Tiff pretty much ran away while Riley stayed and went to college in Seattle. However, now Tiff is forced to come home as her parents can't afford her attending an out of state college.

The story starts as Riley think he spots Tiff at a party. He has loved her for years but they are both very broken people. He had a rough childhood before Coop took him in and Riley is still very much in pain from the incident.

This story was beautifully written. It has angyst and it has love. Tiff really has to grow up and face her past and she is a lot stronger than she believes she is. I loved watching Riley fight for her. I also really love these college romances because it takes me back to my college days.

I am really loving this series and look forward to reading the next one.

About the Author:

USA Today Bestselling Author Jami Davenport writes sexy contemporary and sports romances, including her two new indie endeavors: the Game On in Seattle Series and the Madrona Island Series. Jami’s new releases consistently rank in the top fifty on the sports romance and sports genre lists on Amazon, and she has hit the Amazon top hundred authors list in both contemporary romance and genre fiction multiple times. Jami ranked Number Seven on Kobo’s Top Ten Most Completed Authors, an honor bestowed on the year’s “most engaging” authors based on an average page completion rate by their readers.

Jami lives on a small farm near Puget Sound with her Green Beret-turned-plumber husband, a Newfoundland cross with a tennis ball fetish, a prince disguised as an orange tabby cat, and an opinionated Hanoverian mare.

Jami works in IT for her day job and is a former high school business teacher. She’s a lifetime Seahawks and Mariners fan and is waiting for the day professional hockey comes to Seattle. An avid boater, Jami has spent countless hours in the San Juan Islands, a common setting in her books. In her opinion, it’s the most beautiful place on earth.

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Hooked by Karla Sorensen & Whitney Barbetti

About the Book

 X and I were probably doomed from the start.

That’s what happens when you meet in court-mandated group therapy and then try to steal from him to pay off your blackmailing drug dealer. Former drug dealer, thank you very much. I'm turning over a new leaf and all that.

Which is why I should leave him alone.

Except he tempts me to do things I swore I’d stop doing. It’s that whole gruff, grumbly, anti-social thing he has going on. Him, flame. Me, moth. Something about him calls to me, makes the blood hum in my body. And I don't want that feeling to end.

Lucy Connors is straight-up insane.

She looks like a Disney princess and tries my patience in more ways than I thought possible. Besides the fact that I have to save her cute little ass from jail, I can’t quite figure out how to leave her alone. Even when she’s trying her hand at Breaking and Entering. Especially when it's myhouse she's burglarizing.

Yeah, we were probably doomed from the start.

But that’s the thing about being hooked on something so good, and so bad for you—you don’t walk away when you should.

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Addicted 2 Romance Review

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

This book was totally different than I expected and I LOVED it. It did take me a while to get to the love, because the beginning really wasn't typically the type of books I read. But at 40% I was totally hooked on this story and cute couple.

Hooked is a standalone book. It is also a dark romance. Meaning it deals with a lot of black humor and there is alot of humor. My kids looked at me all freaky because I was laughing so hard. It also is a very original story. I have never read a story like it ever before.

It all starts at a support group where X and Lucy are brought together. These two were never supposed to meet, they come from very opposite worlds and its not the princess and the bad boy world as the description of the book implies. It is the broke ex con and former drug dealer who is trying to not end up in jail and the afraid of the world rich boy.

When Lucy meets X at therapy it is not love at first sight, its more along the line of "maybe his house would make a good place to rob." You see Lucy needs money fast, her exes drug overlord is threatening her and so she decides to work for her money by robbery. However, Lucy gets distracted and well that is when the fun starts.

This book was very different. It is sorta a little bit Weekend at Bernies with two  characters who are in therapy. Think a Jerry Springer Support Group and who have issues but those issues work for each other. Throw in a crazy mother, who worries about everything and this book was a total laugh riot.

Despite the laughter, the authors really make the romance work. I loved how great Lucy and X are together and I loved all Lucy's names for X. This is a fun dark romance with ALOT of hijinks. If you are looking for swoonly love story with lots of laughs and some darkness then you will love this story.

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About the Authors

Karla Sorensen

Well, let’s see ... I’m a wife and a mother. I’m a writer who wants to make people smile when they read my words. I own a dog that sheds roughly eighteen pounds of hair every day. I am obsessed with Outlander (both the books and the show). I’m almost exclusively a romance reader, which means some people will never consider me a literary snob. If I could meet one historical figure, it would be Jane Austen. I received my Bachelors in Public Relations and worked in health care marketing before I had my babies. I hate Twitter. I do it, but I hate it. Also, if you want to get on my good side, bring me wine and I'll love you forever.


Whitney Barbetti 

I am a wife to one and a mom to two humans and one cat. I have a deep and abiding love for nachos - especially the kind with the liquid cheese, like from Taco Bell (sorry). I run on less than four hours of sleep thanks to copious amounts of Diet Coke. (Note: this paragraph is not sponsored by anyone except my hungry stomach.)

As a Navy brat, I grew up all over the country, from California and up the east coast from Florida to New England and Colorado. I currently live in Idaho, where we have lots of potatoes and windmills.

I write character-driven contemporary romance novels, heavy on the emotional connection. I LOVE love. I love writing about broken characters who find their soul mates.


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THE BEAUTY OF US by Kristen Proby Release Day Launch

From New York Times bestselling author Kristen Proby comes a sexy, new standalone contemporary romance in her Fusion Series, THE BEAUTY OF US, out now! Grab your copy today and get to know Trevor and Riley!

New York Times bestselling author Kristen Proby delivers another sizzling novel in her delectable and sexy Fusion series.
Riley Gibson is over the moon at the prospect of having her restaurant, Seduction, on the Best Bites TV network. This could be the big break she’s been waiting for. But the idea of having an in-house show on a regular basis is a whole other matter. Their lives would be turned upside down, and convincing Mia, her best friend and head chef of Seduction, that having cameras in her kitchen every day is a good idea is daunting. Still, Riley knows it’s an opportunity she can’t afford to pass on. And when she meets Trevor Cooper, the show’s executive producer, she’s stunned by their intense chemistry.
Trevor’s sole intention is to persuade Riley to allow Best Bites TV to do a show on her restaurant. But when he walks into Riley’s office, he stops dead in his tracks. The professional, aloof woman on the phone is incredibly beautiful and funny. But can he convince her that he’s interested in Riley for himself? Or is he using the undeniable pull between them to persuade her to agree to his offer?

Barnes and Noble:

“There seems to be an explosion in the jackass population,” I reply, and sigh, passing my glass to Kat for a refill.
“Where are you meeting them?” he asks, and I bite my lip.
“I don’t want to tell you.”
“Online,” he says with a nod.
“I didn’t say that!”
“Didn’t have to. If you met him at the gym or the grocery store, or somewhere else in person, you wouldn’t be embarrassed.”
“I’m not embarrassed.”
“Yes, you are. Otherwise, you wouldn’t mind telling me.”
“Fine.” I sigh and rub my forehead with my fingers. “I met them online.”
“Stop that,” he says.
“I don’t know where else I’d meet people,” I reply. “I’m at work at least fifty hours a week. I don’t do school or clubs or church, and I rarely go to the grocery store because I always eat here.”
“I could stop feeding you,” Mia interjects and I toss her a glare.
“I’m just saying, if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.”
“I don’t understand any of the words you just said.” I squint at him, trying to process.
“Switch it up,” he says with a grin. “Try to meet people somewhere else. I mean, you didn’t meet me online, and I’m not an asshole.”
“Sure, you’re cute, and you look like you have your shit together, but I suspect that once I got to know you I’d learn that you have mommy issues and fourteen dogs.”
“You might,” he says with a thoughtful nod. “I do hide those things well. All I’m saying is, stop using the dating sites and try meeting people in real life.”
“Yeah. Easy for you to say.” I pout into my wineglass. “Do I need to send you some money for this counseling session?”
“Nah, the first one’s on me,” he says, tossing that crazy-hot smile at me again. “Just don’t combine Star Wars and Star Trek anymore and that’s payment enough for me.”
He pulls a few bills out of his wallet and tosses them on the bar, then stands to leave.
“Have a good night, and good luck,” he says.
“Thanks.” Just as he’s almost out of view, I call out. “Wait! I didn’t ask your name.”
“Trevor,” he says, and my stomach immediately does at least four cartwheels. “Trevor Cooper.”
“You’re early,” is all I can think to say. My cheeks burning, my fingertips immediately tremble. “You’re not supposed to be here for two more days.”
“I like to come early. Get the lay of the land, that sort of thing.” He smiles and waves. “See you in a couple of days.”
He walks away, and as soon as I hear the front door close, I turn to my friends and just stare at them in utter horror.
“Tell me that didn’t just happen.”

About Kristen Proby:
Kristen was born and raised in a small resort town in her beloved Montana. In her mid-twenties, she decided to stretch her wings and move to the Pacific Northwest, where she made her home for more than a dozen years.

During that time, Kristen wrote many romance novels and joined organizations such as RWA and other small writing groups. She spent countless hours in workshops, and more mornings than she can count up before the dawn so she could write before going to work. She submitted many manuscripts to agents and editors alike, but was always told no. In the summer of 2012, the self-publishing scene was new and thriving, and Kristen had one goal: to publish just one book. It was something she longed to cross off of her bucket list.

Not only did she publish one book, she’s since published close to thirty titles, many of which have hit the USA Today, New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestsellers lists. She continues to self publish, best known for her With Me In Seattle and Boudreaux series, and is also proud to work with William Morrow, a division of HarperCollins, with the Fusion Series. 

Kristen and her husband, John, make their home in her hometown of Whitefish, Montana with their two pugs and two cats. 


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Make Me Forget: The Walker Brothers Book 4 - By Amanda Adams

About the Book

At last a woman will bring Derek to his knees in this final book of The Walker Brothers series.

Derek is in Vegas for his brother's wedding.

A bachelor party. A little gambling. A week of fun with his brothers.

What could possibly go wrong?

He could fall in love, that's what.

But when her past comes calling, it will challenge everything he thinks he knows about family, loyalty...and love.

Don't miss this final installment of the Walker Brothers as the eldest, Derek, Mr. Bad Boy Biker, protector and defender of the family, meets his match. Sparks fly. You've been warned...

Addicted 2 Romance Review

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

I have read every book in this series though they all stand alone. This is book #4 and it is the last book in the series. I have waited months for this book and it was totally worth the wait. Now my favorite book is Book #3 about the brother Mitchell and Jessica but this book is a close second favorite.

The premise behind the story are that all 4 boys, Mitchell, Jake, Derek and Chance are adopted sons to the woman that saved all  4 boys by adopting them and forming a family. The mother died 1 year ago and in her will reading she left a letter for each child. It includes 3 dreams they had at age 12-13 and her answer to them.

This is Derek's story about what he does with the letter and how he falls in love. This book was very dramatic. Not super hot as the sex only happens around 70-80% but very sweet and caring and I loved how Laura and Derek become close friends before anything else.

Derek owns his own motorcycle building business and he is in Vegas for his brother Chances wedding. The wives of his brothers try to matchmake and to avoid  that he runs away to a motorcycle show. That is where he runs into Laura. But Laura is leaving town in a few hours so she agrees to protect him at the wedding and they spend the night having fun.

Laura is leaving town because she saw a murder and has been told by the cops to lay low. Derek really likes her and when she refuses to tell him where she is going, he asks her to text him and let him know she is okay. This is the start of their friendship and it was very sweet and romantic.

Then fate has some surprises in store for Derek and Laura and well I beyond loved what happens next. I am not spoiling anything, you will have to read to discover what happens next. There is some drama and lots of fun and family. It is around Christmas time so there is a lot of holiday celebrating and I loved hanging out with the Walkers as they celebrate the holiday.

This story kept me on the edge of my seat but also made me fall in love with both Derek and Laura and I loved seeing what the other Walkers are up to. This was a light, fun, easy read with a little drama thrown in.

I have loved this series so much and cannot wait to see what else the author writes about next. I would love stories on Jessica's siblings.



Buy links:Amazon Kindle:

About the Author:

Amanda Adams fell in love with books at a very early age. Her earliest memories are of sitting on her mother's lap reading Cinderella and Snow White and Rose Red over, and over, and over again until she had them memorized –- she was too young to know the alphabet.

Amanda started writing stories in big, sloppy handwriting in a wide-rule notebook when she was bored, during class (of course) in the fifth grade. Her favorite stories always include excitement, adventure and a handsome hero guaranteed to sweep her off her feet.

Amanda lives in beautiful Colorado with her husband (her high-school sweetheart who proved the reality of "love at first sight") and three teenagers whom she reminds, repeatedly… "If it's not in my phone, it's not happening," because her mind is oh-so-often far away living a fairy tale. (That's code for – if an alarm doesn't go off, she forgets to pick up her kids from school…)

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More Than Love by Ruth Cardello - A Barrington Billionaires Series Standalone

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About the Book

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Ruth Cardello returns with a hilarious addition to Barrington Billionaire series. 

What happens when a normally reserved billionaire tries to be a regular guy and discovers he has a wild side? Grant Barrington is a quiet hero who is about to flex his alpha billionaire muscle.

Viviana Sutton is living in Boston after being swindled by her ex-boyfriend. She’s done with relationships and isn’t looking for forever. Giving in to one naughty, incredibly hot romp with a financially challenged stranger actually makes her feel better until she takes a pregnancy test.

To help his family, he’ll need to be the man she makes him feel like he can be.

For the sake of her baby, she’ll give him a chance to prove what they had was more than sex—and he’s more than just a regular guy.

Image may contain: one or more people and text





Image may contain: one or more people and text

Addicted 2 Romance Review

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

I LOVE this series and after reading this book well you will be looking forward to the next one. This book takes the series in a total new direction and it was beyond fantastic. The end was so terrific. I just want to state that if you love the author and you are hooked on the Barringtons well you will just love this story.

This is Grant Barrington's story. He has been mentioned throughout this series as he is the financial genius and made everyone tons of money. This book also has a little Andrades/Legacy Collection in it in that Alathea and Marc get involved in this storyline and we go back and revisit what happened in the last book with Helene, Andrew, her parents and Stiles are back.

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This book/series is NOT a stand alone, each story brings you closer to understanding the plot made by Sophia's sister Patrice Andrade. I highly recommend you read them in order otherwise you will be beyond lost.

The basics you will need to understand this story is that 30 years before the Barrington's mother, Sophia (sister is Patrice Andrade) gave birth to twins, Kent and Kenzi in Aruba.  She was told Kent died and it devestated her and her husband made everyone believe she was very fragile. So the kids grew up never asking for help and feeling like they could never be themselves with their family and could never upset their mother.

Now 30 years later Sophia is no longer fragile and the kids and Sophia believe that something was wrong with Kent's birth and they have started investigating that. Each child has found out something more and in this book Grant has decided to get involved in the hunt for the truth.

He is working with Marc and Alethea from the Legacy series and Marc tells Grant he is too uppidty and needs to hang out with regular folks. Which is how he meets Viviana, and ends up getting to know her. 

I don't want to spoil too much,  but I did not like Grant at all in the beginning of this book. In fact I hated him and I have loved every Barrington before him. He was a class A JERK. Viviana was the reason I loved this book. She is sweeyt, naive and a total bad ass and I loved her.

About 60% in Grant gets a clue and starts trying to win her back and thats really when this story kicked in for me. I started liking Grant and I beyond loved the story and where it went after that. This story was written wonderfully and it went very fast as a lot happens in this story. Some parts were glossed over when I'd rather have more details like the first time Viviana meets the Barrington's but it would have made the book too long.

All in all this was a fantastic read and I loved every second of it. I cannot wait for more Barrington's.

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About the Author

Ruth Cardello hit the NYTs and USA Today for the first time back in 2012. Millions of sales are evidence that her books are akin to potato chips, addictive from the first one. She has created a multi-series billionaire world with a combination of escapism and realism that has gained her a faithful following of readers.

Ruth Cardello was born the youngest of 11 children in a small city in northern Rhode Island. She spent her young adult years moving as far away as she could from her large extended family. She lived in Boston, Paris, Orlando, New York--then came full circle and moved back to New England. She now happily lives one town over from the one she was born in. For her, family trumped the warmer weather and international scene.

She was an educator for 20 years, the last 11 as a kindergarten teacher. When her school district began cutting jobs, Ruth turned a serious eye toward her second love- writing and has never been happier. When she's not writing, you can find her chasing her children around her small farm or connecting with her readers online.

What Kindle Reviewers write about her:

"Wow hot at every page. Heart stoping, fear raging, mind blowing wonderful."

"I'm a true fan of Ms. Cardello. I ran on to her first book a few years back and have been hooked ever since. I could go on and on about the story line of this book, but I'm not. All of her books are total page turners, unique, heart wrenching, and I love them all. There isn't two alike in the bunch and I feel like I know the characters personally. I personally read 97 authors books. And I buy every book they put out. This author is in my top 10. Great job and keep them coming."

"Love this series. Got me to start reading again. I look forward to the next book. Thank you for giving me the love of reading back."

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

My Hot Boss by Betty Shreffler

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About the Book


From the moment I met Grayson Cole, I knew he was someone I wanted to let in my panties and maybe, even in my heart. One night, one sexy-as-sin kiss, and several drinks later, our incredible evening turns into a disaster and I’m apologizing for the vomit spatter on his fancy, black shoes. I never thought I’d see him again after that, no matter how many nights I spent wishing I would. Until a month later, he waltzes into my office as—MY NEW, HOT BOSS. I’m so screwed.

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She was meant to be a fun f*ck. That’s all I wanted. That’s all I needed. But Emma Williams could never be just that for me. The quirky, brunette vixen challenges me at every opportunity. My desire to have her has me working for her affections, like I’ve never done before. What is this woman doing to me? Not only am I her Boss, but I don’t do feelings. There’s only one way I see this ending. I’m f*cked for sure.

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             The erotic book in my hand is barely distracting me from the stunning woman lying in my bed. Her dark, wavy hair is cascading over the pillow and the sheet barely covers her. From my chair, I have a perfect view of the curve of her back, narrow waist, and luscious ass. She groans as she moves and my cock hardens from the sound. She’s learned I have certain tastes in the bedroom. I’d never belittle or hurt a woman, but I do like some kink. No doubt she’s a little sore from the vibrator I used. If the sounds of her moans and the two orgasms meant anything, I’d say she liked it very much. My lips curve from the memory of her face when I brought it out and then again when she reached her first climax.

Reaching down, I adjust my semi into a more comfortable position. Little does Emma know how often she gives me a hard on. It’s like I’m a fucking teenager again with an uncontrollable snake in my pants that becomes alert and ready anytime it gets a whiff of her pussy.

What’s even more confusing is what I’m feeling for her. I’ve never been patient with sex. I’ve seduced, got what I wanted, and moved on. It’s been this way for years. No woman has ever mattered enough that I wanted to be patient, careful, and even considerate of her emotions. But Emma’s inside my head, an itch I can’t satisfy until I have her, all of her. With her, I want to take the seduction slowly. I’m enjoying it. She appreciates everything I do, and I find myself upping the ante just to win her affections.

Fear isn’t something a man likes to admit to others, let alone to himself, but I feel it. It’s there. I’m afraid I’ll hurt her. I want her to trust me because if she gives me her trust, I’ll have her. But, then what? She’ll be another conquest and I’ll what, get bored like I always do, lose interest? Or will it be me that burns? If I let her in, I’ll have to change. I’ll have to give her the trust I know she’ll want from me. Am I even capable of giving it, of loving someone?

She stirs in her sleep and I watch her. Emma has no idea she’s the first woman to have stayed the night with me. It’s probably why I’m up at two a.m. reading because I can’t sleep. Not with her lying next to me, smelling like sex and jasmine, and breathing so peacefully it pains me to look at her.

“Grayson,” her voice is a sleepy whisper.

I continue watching her move. The sheet falls from her breasts as she sits up and turns to face me. The question in her eyes kills me. She’s concerned why I’m not in bed with her. Stepping from the bed, she approaches. Her dark, little patch above her pink lips annihilates my remaining control over my cock.

“Can’t sleep?” she asks, her voice so sweet it breaks me.

I extend my arm and she slides onto my lap and lies against my chest, like we’ve been doing this for years. The scent of jasmine fills my nostrils and I lean against her hair, breathing her in. The touch of my hand caressing her back releases a pleasured moan from her lips. Lips that can easily bring me to my knees, if I’m not careful.

“Sorry to wake you. I read when I can’t sleep.”

Laying her head on my shoulder, she looks at my book. “What are you reading?”

“Undo This Night.”

“Will you read it to me?”

The corner of my mouth raises. “You want me to read it out loud to you?”

She giggles and the sound widens my smile.


This is unexpected, but I like it. She continues to surprise me. I can never predict what Emma will do, and it’s something I adore about her. She keeps me on top of my game.

“From the beginning or where I’m at?”

“Where you’re at.”

My attention returns to the book. “I raise Tiffany’s ass in the air and slap it once, twice then spread her cheeks. Reaching for the condom I tossed on the bed, I sheath it over my cock, then rub against her pink, tiny hole. Looking over her shoulder at me tells me she wants me to fuck her hard. It’s been two weeks since I’ve seen her and by the needy look in her eyes, she knows I won’t be gentle.”

Emma’s hand reaches into my sweatpants and circles my raging hard on. Each stroke makes it harder to focus on the words.

“I slam into her tight pussy and latch onto her hips, using them as leverage to fuck the moans right out of her mouth.”

Emma pushes the book out of her way and straddles me with her knees tucked into the cushion of my chair. Her mouth slams down on mine and I toss the book to who-fucking-cares where. Lifting her from the chair, I wrap her legs around me and pull her ass up against my aching erection and move her over it.

“Grayson, I want you. I want to feel you inside of me.”

“No other men, Emma. If you’re with me, you’re with only me.”

“I don’t want anyone else.”

Laying her on the bed, she watches as I remove my sweatpants. My cock is at attention and her eyes go right to it. She moistens her bottom lip and it jumps at the sight of it. The last time that tongue touched my dick, she stole a chunk of my heart. Wicked little thing she is.

“Let me get a condom.” I move toward the dresser and she extends her legs, trapping me between them.

“Don’t need one. I’m on the pill.”

My chest tightens. Sex without a condom is something I don’t do. Fuck me, she’s got me between a rock and a soft, little pussy I’m dying to feel. I turn to her and crawl above her on the bed. “Just this once. I want to feel you come all over my cock.”

Her gray eyes are locked on mine and her mouth tilts into a lascivious grin. I close the space between us and kiss her. Spreading her legs, my dick slides across her slick pussy. She’s already soaking wet for me. I raise my hips and plunge into her.

Cock-melting heat surrounds me, she’s so tight I barely have to move to get the friction I need. Pushing in further, she lets out a whimper.

“Am I hurting you?”

“No, you feel incredible.”

“Emma, I want to give you slow and sensual, but I don’t think I can. I want to fuck you until you’re calling out my name.”

“Please, fuck me,” she begs.

Her needy plea puts me into action. One hand takes hold of her neck and the other tucks under her leg, raising it as I thrust into her hard. Every time I pull out and slam into her, I feel the blood racing to my groin. The familiar tingle is at my back; she’s spewing cuss words and calling out my name. Another thrust and her orgasm pours over me and it feels perfect.

My jaw clenches and I release into her. It’s a high I’ve never had and the moment it happens, I know I’m ruined. There’s no way I can go back to a condom with her.

Lying on the bed, she’s sprawled out across my body in a deep sleep with her head tucked into my neck. My fingers are combing through her hair and I’m watching the ceiling, replaying different scenarios in my head. Every single one ends with the same fear—one of us getting hurt.

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Addicted 2 Romance Review

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

This was an enjoyable and fun read. It is pure sex, and flirtiness and is very light reading. It is a dual point of view book though the first 30% of the book is pure Emma. In that 30% I woud have loved to read Grayson's but we do not hear from him until later in the book.

This book was quirky and had some really funny scenes. Emma and Gray meet in a bar where Emmas bestie has dragged her after a bad breakup. She throws up over Gray's shoes and then destroys her cell so she cannot contact him after.

Until she walks into work and guess who is her new boss. This is a hot boss/employee romance but its not an issue for either of thm. What is an issue is that Emma just broke up with her boyfriend and she is hesitant in getting involved. As to Gray, he has never had a successful long term relationship and his father has not helped that along.

I did enjoy the book. I found the writing okay. Not the best I have read but no big spelling errors and not the worst I have read either. It is light reading and I think the characters could have been deeper. It is a HOT book with lots of sex scenes but I did not think they were HOT scenes. This author seems new (at least in writing these sex scenes or this genre) and I think with time her sex scenes will get more detailed and hotter.

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About the Author

Betty Shreffler is a bestselling author of paranormal romantic suspense and contemporary romance. She writes sexy and suspenseful stories with hot alphas and kickass heroines with twists you don’t expect. She also writes beautiful and sexy romances with tough women and their journeys at finding love. Betty is a mix of country, nerdy, sassy, sweet and a whole lot of sense of humor. She’s a fan of photography, reading, watching movies, hiking, traveling, drinking wine, and all things romantic. She lives with her amazing hubs and five fur babies; two rescue pups and three cats. If she’s not writing or doing book events, then you can find her behind the lens of a camera, in the woods, or sipping wine behind a deliciously steamy book.

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