Down Deep - Going Deep 1 - By Virna Paul


He’s here to score and he always wins.

Heath Dawson: football star, gorgeous man candy, and panty-dropper extraordinaire. He was also Camille Pollert’s first crush. But then he humiliated her at a high school football game, and while she got her revenge, she also closed off her heart.

Ten years later, Camille is a football photographer and single mother, and her old crush returns with a vengeance when she sees Heath again. He’s just as handsome, but now he’s a man. A man she can no longer resist.

Addicted 2 Romance Review:

- ARC Received from Wordsmith Publicity in a contest for an honest review -

I really enjoyed this book by Virna Paul. For me a lot of her books are hit or miss but this story was really terrific. It is the story of two people who grew up together and were in the same high school but didn't really know each other well. Camille had a HUGE crush on Heath until he hurt her feelings in high school. She did get her revenge though.

Now ten years later, Heath plays in the NFL, she is a single mother and her daughter has a crush on Heath. She is a successful photographer and gets hired to take pictures of Heath's team and thats how they meet again 10 years later.

This story is a fun read. I really liked Camille and how she tried to resist Heath. Both have very good reasons for wanting a shallow sexual relationsip and so the sex scenes in this book were alot of fun and plentiful and HOT!!

I love how Heath cannot stay away from Camille and in this story he really is the one with the biggest  crush. As the story goes on you start to really delve into who Heath is and it gets deeper than just sex scenes. I really loved this book and how sweet Heath and Camille are together and their strong connection.  I cannot wait to read more about Alec in future books.


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