Captain by Lauren Rowe


The Story

From, Lauren Rowe, the USA Today and International bestselling author of The Club Series and Ball Peen Hammer comes a sexy standalone romance: Captain.

It wasn’t the way this kind of story was supposed to go . . .
Insta-love isn’t supposed to turn into insta-hate.

But that’s exactly what happened when the hot-as-hell dreamboat I met in a bar turned out to be a lying, cheating scumbag-player-douche looking for nothing but a little side action. Jerk.

And he has the nerve to call me a liar and a “sociopath”? Assh*le.

And now, three months later, through a mind-blowing series of events I couldn’t have predicted in a million years, it turns out my boss is marrying his sister in Hawaii and I’ve got to play nice with him for an entire freaking week.

Okay, sure, I’ll put on a happy face this week and act like I’ve never even met the jerk before--did I mention his sister is marrying my boss?--but that doesn’t mean I’ll like it. And it certainly doesn’t mean I’ll stop secretly hating the cocky bastard’s guts.

Because I do.
I hate him.
I really do.

I just wish my brain would explain the situation to my body . . . because every time he flashes that panty-melting smile at me, it takes all my self-restraint not to jump the bastard’s hot-as-f*ck bones.

Addicted 2 Romance Review:

*I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.*

The above description of the book is pretty right on BUT it does not mention any names so I got a really surprise when I opened this book and discovered who this book was really about. This book is labeled as a stand alone but in the The Club series and it 100% is.

Personally I read the series and LOVED it!! And while I suppose it can stand alone, alot of names are thrown at you in this story and I think if you don't read the previous books you would be lost. Now I never read Ball Peen Hammer, so you definitely do not need to read that book before this one. In fact in this entire book Keane who is Ball Peen, is 100% single. It really picks up from the end of The Club Series as this book also features both Jonas and Josh/Kat and Sarah's wedding. No babies are involved in this story.

This story features one of Kat's brothers, Ryan who also goes by Red Rum or Captain and while he has a great job, he is saving up for a bar called Captain, hence the name.He also meets a woman in a bar named Samantha, and he falls in instant love with her, and considers her the whale that he as the captain has to conquer, like in the book Moby Dick.

But Samantha is not her real name and she falls for him too, until his crazy ex makes her think he is pond scum and a cheater and a manwhore and so Samantha runs away and thats when Ryan calls in for  help from Josh, Jonas and Hennesy.

Now I am not spoiling who Samantha is but suffice to say she is a lot closer than he thinks and I beyond loved the hunt for the lovely Samantha. It really brought out how much I loved Jonas' hunt when trying to find Sarah from The Club and this big reveal was beyond fantastic.

I am trying to not spoil some big stuff, and this story was wonderful. It was gripping, sweet and romantic and I loved how hard Ryan falls for his Samantha. To some degree he was an idiot as all men are, in that he keeps the BIG hunt from Samantha when he find her, but beyond that I LOVED this story.

Now I just need Colby's story because he was wonderful in this story.

About the Author

USA Today and internationally bestselling author Lauren Rowe lives in San Diego, California, where, in addition to writing books, she performs with her dance/party band at events all over Southern California, writes songs, takes embarrassing snapshots of her ever-patient Boston terrier, Buster, spends time with her wonderful family, and narrates audiobooks. Much to Lauren’s thrill, her books have been translated all over the world in multiple languages and hit multiple domestic and international bestseller lists. With enticing characters, enthralling situations and a general love of romantic fiction, Lauren has created a world of her own, full of wit and sensual desire. 



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